Aerial Farm Field

Just to the right of Big Bass Lake Road and running all the way to Noreika Road was our family farm field. When I think of all the land that my grandfather, Joseph Noreika, had to clear it boggles the imagination. From the end of the farming field at Noreika Road to where the old cabin once stood is at least a good half mile. In those days I wonder how many crops he operated?

As a boy I once envisioned a major league ballpark where the immediate field stood. Just across our gravel driveway was a field with the exact proportions for a major league park. It was at this location where the field opened up with a vastness all the way to the tree lined shore of Big Bass Lake including a one time orchard.  That ball field, though, would never become a reality as our singular tree in the middle of that field would have had to be replaced and its uniqueness would not make that possible. 

The only crops I remember were our expansive garden which seemed to have changed locations over the years which would be a form of crop rotation I suppose. At one time it was on the other side of our gravel driveway alongside the chicken coop and then again it was along the gravel road on the side closest to the lake. Finally it seemed to have established itself just outside the new cottage.

At any rate that is one large tract of farm land.

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