I gotta admit that I was NOT looking forward to helping Dave Norris on this camping trip to his place in Michigan. I was going along as his assistant. And even though I come from a boys club in Columbus, Ohio, that had a pool, I never learned to swim. And here I was going to a place that had a lake and boating!

I did manage to take in some wading in less than two feet of water but I always wore a life vest even then.  Plus almost that entire trip it was raining.  I most enjoyed hiking in the woods where I was away from water. 

The trip out to the Haunted Island at midnight petrified me no so much as for the island itself but the trip there and back on the lake.  I could see my life passing through my eyes if we ever tipped over.  That water looked so black at night!

I did manage to get through that trip all right and the first thing I did after getting back to Columbus was to sign-up for swimming classes at our pool.  That’s what I should have done BEFORE that trip.  While I could play basketball with the best of them, that camping trip had me quivering as if I were a little kid.  I’ll do better next time!