The Great Spider Invasion by Bob Hamilton

I was recently on one of my monster hunts in the Manistee National Forest while staying with my pal Nolan. He thought he’d play a practical monster joke on me by placing this spider between our tent and the portable potty we were using. Add to that he removed the batteries from my flashlight.

In the middle of the night I needed to use the potty so I headed out and quickly discovered that my flashlight wasn’t working.  Needing to go I proceeded on anyway and then ran smack dab into this spider which nearly scared the wits out of me.  Needless to say I didn’t need the potty at all that night but I could have made use of some adult diapers.  What a revolving development that was!

The next morning I destroyed that spider with a sledgehammer.  And I felt better for so doing that!

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