Hiking the Bloody Antler Trail


Hiking the Bloody Antler Trail can be adventurous. Notice how dark the trail is during the day. Can you even imagine how that same trail might be at night? Our boys club trips experienced that sandy road enroute to the grassy trail that led them just behind Bear Swamp.

From our property the trail was quite open for the first quarter mile before it moved into the heavy cover of trees. It would stay that way from what you find in the picture above through the grassy trail until we entered the Christmas Tree Farm. Pitch darkness was our constant companion. Flashlights were only used as needed as they tended to rob the vision of the kids.

On that particular trail no boy was ever more than ten feet from me as they huddled rather close together. On these hikes we once saw a deer and even a bear. The latter was from a distance at a place where there was an overlook. He seemed preoccupied with getting some honey out of a fallen tree that had become home to a nest of bees. That particular hike was during the day but the kids got some great close up’s with the binoculars.

The nightly Bloody Antler hike was looked on almost as much as the trip to the Haunted Island. Both were remembered far more than anything else on our trips to our farm.

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