Enjoying the Sauble Lakes

I’ve often been asked which is my favorite of the Sauble Lakes and I would have to say the one that was the farthest away from civilization.  I have always enjoyed privacyToo many other lakes today are almost house to house to house.  I like those lakes that have some measure of distance between homes. 

And, as I earlier promised, there will be more of a focus in the future on the Sauble Lakes as today you will have two posts on them.  I also enjoy a lake where speedboats are not permitted.  Then I can take either a rowboat, kayak, or paddle boat out on the lake without a fear of being swamped by the huge wake of a speedboat.

Each of the Sauble Lakes can be reached via a channel much like the one between Big and Little Bass Lakes.  Without a motor I wonder how feasible it would be to take in all the Sauble Lakes in one day?  I would even be interested in locating the headwaters of the Big Sauble River which connects with one of the Sauble chain of lakes. 

But there is more to these lakes than meets the eye as you will learn this afternoon.

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