Haunted Island Better in Summer Than Winter

I don’t think that the Haunted Island in winter would have been as foreboding as in the summer. For one thing, without the leaves on the trees, you could see from one side of the island to the other. Sure it would be somewhat lonely, and I’m speaking of a time before the current resident moved in, and desolate but it would be somewhat easier to get around without all that underbrush to contend with.

In the summer, you can see the other side of the island from various points on the north and south sides, but for the middle of the island, all the leaves and the wind through them provide all that errie atmosphere where you can’t make out that other side. It also would be something interesting to just walk out to that island over that of always rowing over there. Then again, that could take away some of the mystique of that island.

No, I prefer the Haunted Island in the summer time. It was made for that season. Mystique always wins over desolation.

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