On some days during our camping trips I used the part of our field nearest Noreika Road for sports such as Frisbee Golf or Dodgeball. It depended on the day and weather. We usually did these kinds of activity in mid-day and followed that up with a swim in Big Bass Lake.

Within this portion of our forest was another field just across from where I parked my vehicle off Noreika Road.  However that field was not usable for sports as the grass was nearly waist-high.  That field was also adjacent to Lost Lake which nearly bordered our field being separated only by about twenty yards of forest.

Just to the north of that field by Noreika Road were our blackberry bushes where the boys spent time gathering berries for desserts.  But what you are observing in this photograph is the field adjacent to both Noreika and Big Bass Lake Road.  This field runs all the way to just short of the public landing.