I remember Luke’s Store moreso when I was a young boy. My dad and I would hike around Big Bass Lake and as we arrived at this store I would enjoy a Hires Root Beer. Funny? At the Bass Lake Store I liked Squirt but here Hires Root Beer? As I recall this was at the junction of the road to Freesoil through Bear Swamp and as you progressed back toward Bass Lake on the North side our property began at the first curve and almost ran all the way to the now public landing. That landing was once the property of Richard Bennish.

His wife Agnes was a good friend of my grandmother Barbara Noreika.

Back to Luke’s store. I don’t remember much else about that place except I believe they had a Sunoco gas pump there as well. The store couldn’t hold a candle to the Bass Lake Store and when I returned on camping trips with kids in the 1970’s this place was already closed and they had another store close to Harper’s Lake.