The End of Matson Road and Beyond

Although you can’t tell it by this photograph, the end of Matson Road is just inside this tree line.

Traveling south on Matson Road from where it intersects with Big Bass Lake Road takes you through the very narrows of Big Bass Lake. Going south, one can observe that part of the lake on the left side of the road. On the right side of the road, for the majority of the trip was my grandparent’s property.

But at the end of the dirt road, another dirt road goes westward along the very shoreline of Big Bass Lake on the left. It is actually a driveway to a cottage that was located behind our wooded beachfront. Until a fence was constructed blocking it, that driveway ran across the back of that campsite. On the right was our swamp almost the full run of that driveway and then again on the back of our campsite. It ended at what I called our second firepot nearest the quagmire swamp.

In the spring, our campsite was often flooded all the way to the swamp, covering about thirty yards. I would suggest that the cottage’s driveway was also flooded and inaccessible during that time of the year when Big Bass Lake would often rise. The driveway was not more than three feet from the lake.

I’m really not certain if Matson Road ends at that southern most junction point with the driveway or is still considered Matson Road all the way to that cottage? Maybe someone can enlighten me on that point. Until one arrives at that driveway the entirety of the roadway is shaded. Yet the driveway itself is in the direct sunlight.

Even though I had numerous camping trips to our wooded beachfront, I never saw anyone at that cottage next to us. Anyone know who lived there in the 1970’s?

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