Our Benish Neighbors

My grandmother’s best friends around Big Bass Lake was probably Frank and Agnes Benish who lived nearly right across the road from our farm and slightly toward the Public Landing which, by the way, was not there at that time. Instead, that area was Frank Benish’s pier which was a long one as it was constructed through a marsh.

Agnes died not that long ago and was a fair cook as I recall. I used to visit her grand daughter Julie when she visited there from Manistee. Once, as I recall, when good friend Keith Bishop and I were up one morning we walked over to the Benish farm and the sun was already pretty high in the sky. The Benish dog began barking and Frank appeared on the porch shouting that it was six oclock in the morning. Keith glanced at me and I said, “I thought farmers were always up before six”.

Agnes and my grandmother went to church together a lot. And Frank often cut our field with his tractor. He had a kind of workshop set up in his barn which he spent a large majority of his time in.

In the 1980’s I visited with Benish’s other grand daughters those being Chrissy and Rebecca Benish, Julie’s sisters, for a good evening of fun and laughter. The girls mother was once Miss Michigan and both Julie and Chrissy were raving beauties.

2 thoughts on “Our Benish Neighbors

  1. I remember Julie well – best looking girl on the lake. As I remember we were all enamored with her!


  2. I thought you were enamored with Mildred moreso? Ha! If you thought she was something, Christy, her sister, was stunning.


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