You CAN See Big Bass Lake Through the Trees

During the time between 1920 to 2002 there was a time when observing Big Bass Lake through the trees was somewhat difficult to do since there were so many trees lining the bank from Big Bass Lake Road nearly all the way to the Albert Matson property. That full length was along a hillside on the Noreika property. At that time lush green trees filled the hillside and even beyond that for the majority of that distance.

Now, under new ownership, all these trees have given way to lush yards and fancy hillside stairwells leading down toward large docking areas.  The thing that had to go to make all that possible were the beautiful trees lining that hillside.  Some call that progress.  But much of the innocence that once was Big Bass Lake is long gone with massive homes replacing the former modest one’s.  The strange thing is now many of those big homes are up for sale?

Yes, now you CAN clearly see the lake through the trees with no difficulty whatsoever.  Somehow I liked it best the way it was before. 

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