Wanting to Be at the End of Your Rope at Big Bass Lake

This time around, being at the end of your rope at Big Bass Lake is not being behind a speedboat, but instead your rope is found on dry land. No, it’s not for decorating one’s neck as in the old west. It’ a rope to have a ball with. It was for the Hoffman Estates Boys Club kids at our pointe. They would swing that rope out into Big Bass Lake and then at the highest they would leap off into the refreshing waters below.

It wasn’t wise to come back as they might, like George of the Jungle, have to “Watch out for that tree!” The only competition for that rope swing is when we turned our metallic rowboat over and used it as a diving platform which the boys loved. Often times both were in use during our evening swim.

Rope swings were very popular on our trip as we had two of them at the pointe. One was with a tire swing on land and the other, of course, that led out to the water. I tried using the entire beach front area that I had from the pointe to the main camping area which covered about fifty yards.

From the tents to the main swimming area was only about twenty yards and in between was a nice moss slope where the kids could discharge the sand from their feet before returning to the tents. Just before the tent area was our main fire pit and behind them our secondary fire pit.

Like the folks from Camp Martin Johnson who have their memories of camping at that facility so I have of my boys club trips to our wooded beachfront.

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