Tent City was about a quarter of a mile behind the ULBC Dining Hall. My fellow tent counselors were Gordie Payne, who has remained a lifelong friend, and Bob Reiser. The advantage of being a tent counselor was that the three of us had the other counselors’ cabins when they were off duty for two days. In that way, if we got stuck with a bad kid he was only ours for two days.

On those two days, the cabin kids left their facility for the tents which were four wall tents attached to a cement foundation. There the boys learned the proper use of a hatchet, how to build fires, how to cook their own food, and the proper use of a compass.

Campfires were always popular in the evenings as we told ghost stories or sang songs while roasting the ever popular marshmallows.

We also took various hikes like to the former Bong Air Force Base or just around League Lake. Scavenger Hunts were also a part of our routine for those two days. My particular group of boys took a one mile hike around League Lake prior to every breakfast that summer. It was a good way to start the day.

Tent City will also hold a special place in my heart. I understand that this area is no longer being used by the camp in the way it was when the three of us were at ULBC.