Salesian Boys Club Running Track

The Salesian Inner City Boys Club of Columbus, Ohio, has many curiosities regarding their building. Within that structure was an eight lane bowling alley, a swimming pool on the third floor, and a running track over the gymnasium. The latter I am addressing today. As the Program and Physical Director for that facility I found great usage for that running track. For one, if we had an overflow crowd for any of our basketball league games, I would direct them to our “upper deck” where they could really get a good view of a game.

For physical training the running track was superb. Runners could job around the perimeter of the gymnasium to their hearts content even while activities were taking place on the gymnasium floor. The track was open during all hours the gymnasium was in operation. There were some exceptions.

During kickball games, a volunteer staff member would place themselves on the running track to retrieve home run kicks. A certain portion of our “upper deck” was designated home run territory.

Our running track was well used during my tenure at that club when before it stood idle. I tried using every available area for programming usage and this track was no exception to that rule. All in all, the Salesian Boys Club was a superb facility.

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