Sometimes you just never know where you might meet some distant relatives. My Marion Boys Club kids had just that type of occurrence on a time we opted to stay at the Seaman Lake Resort over that of our wooded beach. Pictured here is Lloyd, Steve, and myself along with some relatives I had never met on my Grandmother Noreika’s side of the family.

Little Corrie was the standout for as I recall she was most in puppy love with Keith (not pictured) at a time when Keith was not interested in girls. Thus, for Keith, this trip was like one from hell. Several times he begged me to return to our wooded beach and camp out there. But, after a little counsel, he chose to make the best of it.

Corrie seemd to have a crush on Keith and followed him nearly everywhere. She also had a more silent crush on Steve (pictured just before me) but he was much too old for her. When Keith found that out he tried to fan those flames in every way possible. Of all the trips Keith had been on to Michigan this was his least favorite.

It was also the second time that we opted to use Seaman Resort, the other time being on a trip to the area in very early Spring over spring vacation in Marion