Docking Berth at Haunted Island

This is the docking area of the Haunted Island on Big Bass Lake. You might notice a yellow X on the right side of this photograph and that is our wooded beachfront. On this particular trip, the Marion Y kids made their way across choppy Big Bass Lake at dusk for an early visit to the Haunted Island. This time, however, we stayed near the rickety pier until it was full dark. I told the five boys about the island within the boat as ripples beneath the boat lulled them almost to sleep.

A sharp blast of cold air woke them up from their slumber and they noticed it was now pitch black. As we made our way up the short hill and onto the path that led to the Haunted House, I told the boys about the Bonepickers who might reach out from their graves to grab the boys by the ankle. Chris Alexander grew in closer to me so that it was almost hard to walk. And, he was one of the older boys on the trip!

The boys circled the Haunted House twice while some boys glanced briefly at the burial mounds just north of the house. I broke two branches and the boys jumped thinking the Bonepickers were coming up out of their graves. One of the boys glanced upward and noticed the pine trees swaying in the wind. The temperature had dropped nearly ten degrees in the half-hour since they had left the boat.

Jay Smith nervously glanced through the open windows of the Haunted House as another boy grabbed him from behind and Jay jumped away from the house in a panic. The boys own imaginations often scared them far more than any stories I might have told them about the Haunted Island. Add to that the occasional cry of a loon sent them to the ground in a heartbeat. It was such an eerie sound.

On the return trip across Big Bass Lake the boys huddled within their sweatshirts as the wind went right through them and they were most anxious to stir up the fire back at camp before heading for bed. It was another night to remember at Haunted Island.

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