Adam and Treva Norris

These were my parents, Adam and Treva Norris. Aside from me, I have an older sister, Treva, named after my mother, and two younger sisters, Susie and Kathy. My parents both passed away some time ago, my dad in 1974 and my mother in 1991. My father was raised by my grandparents yet he changed his family name from Noreika to Norris in the 1940’s to become more employee hireable as Norris was more of an American sounding name over that of his Lithuanian name, Noreika. The rest of the family followed suit with the lone exception of my grandmother who kept the original.

I personally prefer Noreika over that of Norris. My dad was a lifelong Chicago Cub fan who sired a lifelong Chicago White Sox fan. He worked right across the street from Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. Then he worked for Osborn Midwest Paper Company.

Upon our move to Wabash, Indiana, from Forest Park, Illinois, he worked in Marion at another paper company. As for my mother she was a housewife until more of us starting going to college and then she became a secretary for a locale factory

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