I didn’t have much to do with the ULBC cabins, being a Tent Counselor and all, but at times during bad weather we were forced into cabin living. These cabins were about as far away from League Lake as you could get. You had to cross the parade grounds, down a valley, and then down the stairs to League Lake.

On the bright side, these cabins were close to the dining hall. I remember two counselors in particular at the cabins you see here and one was Paul Safransky while the other was Gary Hubbard. Hubbard was a magician and during shows at the chapel he would often preform and use some jokes against my puppet shows. I was a puppetier in those days. Of course I had a magician puppet called Mysto the Mystic and he used his own sense of humor against Hubbard’s magic shows.

I even recall one of the nicer kids in Safransky’s bunch by the name of Mike Kokines. His older brother Greg was a CIC (Counselor in Training). More on the ULBC Cabins in a future post.