Traveling Through the Manistee National Forest

My favorite way to our family farm is through Grand Rapids, Michigan, and onto M-37. For the last seventy miles or so the trip is through the Manistee National Forest. The forest seems to begin at Newago, and then through White Cloud, and then into Baldwin. From there we travel past Wolf Lake and then at the Club 37 Restaurant, which by the way has excellent potato soup, you make a left turn and then onto Big Bass Lake.

The entire trip from Newago to Big Bass Lake is through the Manistee National Forest and on the way many lakes and rivers are passed along the way, which are some of the most scenic woodlands ever. The Manistee National Forest goes for many miles past that turnoff toward Big Bass Lake, almost all the way to Traverse City.

The word Manistee, is an Indian name, meaning “Spirit of the Woods” which I take to be a refreshing concept. I will have many more pictures of this wonderful National Forest in the months to come so stick around.

2 thoughts on “Traveling Through the Manistee National Forest

  1. Hi! I was wondering where was this photo taken? Was it a valley out cropping that anyone can get to or do you have to hike there? If so how? I am in preproduction of a short film and I would love to use this as my backdrop come fall. Thank you for your time!


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