Creativity Was Needed at Hoffman Estates Boys Club

Due to the fact that the Hoffman Estates Boys Club was largely a renovated barn, much creativity was needed once I became their Executive Director to expand the program base. A Frisbee Golf Course was added around our lower softball diamond which the kids enjoyed greatly even including a Master’s Tournament. The back roof of our club was used for Roof Ball because it angled downward at three angles. We used a basketball sized clear plastic beachball that moved about easily with the wind to make the game more difficult. The object was to rotate shots back onto the roof and when the ball hit the ground it was a point for your team. Often the ball was hard to locate on the lower roof so teams had to be ready for the ball to come off the roof nearly anywhere in a fifty foot radius.

Our gymnasiusm was perfect for floor hockey as to its size but not for basketball. Three on three basketball was made to order for that gym but it was not a full sized gymnasium. Thus a new game was devised by way of paddleball. At first ping pong paddles were used with a regulation paddleball, After several paddle breaks, we soon switched to regulation paddleball racquets. This sport proved to be immensely popular in the off floor hockey season and nearly took over that area.

An obstacle course quiz and whiz program was also set up in the gymnasium involving three mental events and four physical ones. A double digit math problem, dictionary location, and word unscramble were the mental events and if a player seemed to avoid those events it added two minutes to their time per event. The physical events were making a basketball free throw, three forward somersaults, four pushups, and taking off and putting on their shoes.

I will have some more of our arts and crafts and library creative programs in the near future.

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