Morning Has Broken on Big Bass Lake

Morning was always my favorite time of day at Big Bass Lake when I as growing up.  I would awaken to the aroma of breakfast being prepared by my grandmother and whatever she made always seemed better than anything else that I had ever tasted.  Her breakfast circular table was always adorned with butter and preserves like strawberry or cherry jam.  Home made bread was just fresh out of the oven and my stomach was beginning to growl.

Fresh eggs right from the chicken were frying in the pan and slabs of bacon in another.  She always had an assortment of store purchased cereals but Sugar Crisp seemed to be there every day.  Yet I also remember her preparing Cream of Wheat and Ralston Wheat Cereal hat tasted ever so good. 

I made myself ready by washing up at the pump just outside the cabin with its ice-cold water bracing my face.  I usually then ran down to Big Bass Lake to work up an appetite by skipping stones on the water in the slight morning fog.  Then came my grandmother’s call beckoning me to breakfast.  What a way to start the day at Big Bass Lake!

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