The Best Time of Year at Big Bass Lake

For many, the best time at Big Bass Lake would largely be the summer for that is when the lake is at full activity levels.  However I always enjoyed the lake in early to mid autumn as rowboating could be easily accomplished then without running into speedboats every few seconds.  On this particular Autumn day I chose to row along the shoreline of the southeastern portion of the lake which was in the same general area as the old Big Bass Lake store. 

My main intent was to go under the bridge leading to the Big Island and then follow its shoreline all the way around it.  Many times I had walked down the road that led to the bridge until I got to that point but I never chose to walk around that island.  So this day I took a slow leisurely row around it including what I consider its bay on the west side of the island. 

On the way to that bridge in the rowboat I passed the old cottage that once belonged to Clyde Waite.  In fact, for a time, that island was known as Waite Island.  Some of his family have made comments here at Big Bass Lake and Beyond and I, for one, would like to know even more about him. 

The Big Island is the only island on the lake with multiple dwellings on it where families live.  To each side of the island are the other two southern islands those being Grandma’s Hat to its east and Haunted Island to the west.  As I rowed close to shore I could make out what many of the houses on that island looked like and I would have loved to live on the northern most point of the Big Island.  It was some view looking North into the narrows of the lake to the other two islands (Four Winds and Turtle). 

Going around the Big Island that day was sure fun and maybe next time I will try to do the same thing at Four Winds Island although to get there I think I will use the motor and then row around that island slowly. 

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