Views From Atop Ward Hills Ski Area

You can catch a glimpse of this view of the old Ward Hills Ski Area which is located just off US 10 in Branch, Michigan.  There are now many hiking trails which you can take to capture these views for yourself.  In addition, there is now a Ward Hills Lodge for Winter Sports available here.  The Lodge is preparing snow sledding hills plus snowmobile trails for you to feast upon.

There are dozens of trails to choose from to hike to your heart’s content.  This entire area is part of the Manistee National Forest which literally surrounds this whole area. 

Whatever the season, spectacular views such as this can be had nearly anywhere in this area.  Some hiking trails are more demanding than others and a hikers map can be found on the Internet for this area. 

I have personally used this area for snowmobile trails and have never left disappointed as the views are just great.

Now with the Lodge in operation at Ward Hills, you can use this area for a variety of activities including sledding and maybe even some cross-country skiing.  I wonder if any of the old ski runs will one day be in operation again as many of the old buildings can be found in this area?  Will any down hill skiing be made available to this new area?  Leave us a comment if you know anything about what this new Lodge has in store.

2 thoughts on “Views From Atop Ward Hills Ski Area

  1. The second pic looks like from the top of Fire Tower Hill. I hike a loop up Fox Trail, then up the Fire Tower Road, then I cut across to the North Country Trail and back down to an old two-track to get back out to Fox.


  2. The Lodge must be only a portion of the original Ward Hill Ski area which encompassed a great deal more land as I will be detailing in the months ahead. The area you speak of was initially owned by the ski area as part of their skiing trails before there ever was a North Country Trail. By the way in April I will be doing a two part series on that trail.


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