Our Forest in the Fall

I don’t think that there’s a more glorious season in Michigan than the fall and that sure holds true for Big Bass Lake. All of falls fantastic colors are reflected off of Big Bass Lake making them doubly beautiful. I enjoy taking a walk in the woods and hearing the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. One can see twice as far without all those leaves hindering your eyesight.

Fall soon gives way to winter’s whiteness and frigid temperatures only to yield to Spring’s painting the landscape green again.  All those three seasons allow one to reflect peaceably on the shores of Big Bass Lake without being shoved aside by high powered speed boats.  On Memorial Day everything changes as the hustle and bustle of the lake begins anew.  Summer was my time to relax and enjoy an inner tube dip in the lake.  Perhaps doing a little fishing.  But soon those leaves would give way to a rainbow of colors and my hiking shoes would come out again.  What a great place to live year round.  If only our cottage had been winterized.  I guess you can tell I’m a Michigan snowbird.  In a few weeks it will be my time to head south for the winter.

See you in early Spring!

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