Dense Fog

Foggy Road

Now and then its good to take camping excursions by car, at least to begin with. On this particular day we followed a dirt road into the Manistee National Forest about ten miles away from Big Bass Lake and entered a fog bank for about two miles. I stopped the car and about five boys unloaded from my station wagon and began exploring the forest in that area. It was a rather cool day even though the month was July.

We came across a small lake that had no cabins or cottages anywhere in sight. One of the kids thought it was a previously undiscovered lake but we were too close to the road, less than a mile, so I thought that was not possible.

Sometimes its great just to get into your car and find th first dirt or sand road off the main road and just plain explore. I like to get at least four or five miles down those roads before selecting a place to start. Those kinds of trips the kids really get into. That was done about twice on a week long camping trip just to give the kids something different from our property on Big Bass Lake. Side trips were also fun and different.

By the way the fog never lifted during that side trip and that made for an errie walk for the kids. It was just another thing for them to talk about on the way home after that trip.

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