My Grandparents: Joseph and Barbara Noreika


I don’t remember a whole lot about my grandfather as he died when I was very young, but what I do remember is that he was a gentle man even though I had a very difficult time understanding him. My grandmother, on the other hand, was very nice and a fantastic cook. My dad, Adam Norris, was their eldest child followed by Barbara, Beth, and Joe. All are no longer with us as Joe was the last member of that original Noreika family to go. His wife, my Aunt Mary, is still with us today in Seattle. It is interesting that the four children died in order of their birth which is somewhat unusual.

Just behind my grandparents cabin was our ice house which was just a few short feet away from the old house. The kitchen of that old house was my favorite room and as a boy I often slept in a bed alongside the kitchen wall. Just outside the old house was a well.

I’ve mentioned the old house because that is also no longer with us as a new cottage just to the south was built many years ago and it still stands today. In the future I will have pictures of both as well as a smaller cottage.

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