The Waves of Lake Michigan


One thing that Ludington has over those lakes in Lake County, Michigan, is the waves of Lake Michigan. In lakes, largely the only time one gets waves is when a passing speedboat passes. But in Lake Michigan winds fuel the waves and often times they are marvelous to swim in.

Have you ever tried body surfing? I love to jump into a wave and let it carry me as far as it will only to wait for the next wave, which isn’t long in coming, to carry me even further. I even enjoy sitting on shore and letting the waves surround me as they come in.

My balance is none to great for a surfboard so instead my body becomes the board. I enjoy very windy days when the surf is rough and tumble but always then I swim with at least one or two friends just in case of trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I do also enjoy swimming in lakes for then one can really just swim without waves getting in one’s way. But my true passion is swimming in the waves of Lake Michigan.

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