My Grown-Up Three Nieces

On another post I have these same three nieces as children. Today they are all young ladies. From left to right they are Laura, Kristen, and Sarah. Laura is re-entering school again for nursing in the fall. She also had experience as a radiologist. She likes sports especially football and her favorite teams are the Colts and Bears.

Kristen was most studious as a child and today is the mother of three boys and one girl. She is a Christian and raises her family in that faith. She is now a medical secretary and her family lives in a suburb south of Indianapolis.

Sarah is the restaurant business but more from a recreational vantage. She is in charge of conventions and tourism. She has boundless energy and is highly creative. Sarah is the one that, at our family reunion in Michigan (1992) said she couldn’t wait to grow-up and she has into a career lady.

I am proud of all three of my nieces whose mother is my sister, Kathy, the youngest of the four Norris children.

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