Oh Deer, What Can the Matter Be? by Buck

Blast! Oh, strike that thought as I didn’t mean that literally! Hunting season is on again and those blasted human beings are going to be after my hide again. Why can’t they use a photoscopic lens to capture my grace and beauty instead of having visions of my bod on their wall? And if guns weren’t bad enough all those human beings are now trying to get me with their bow are arrows. Who do they think they are? Robin Hood? I’m sure not one of their merry men for you sure can’t be merry with an arrow up your behind. Cupid they’re not!

Now where do I go to hide this year? Maybe Duck Marsh? It used to be Bear Swamp and that name itself would scare many a hunter away. Duck Marsh scares no one away least of all ducks. Maybe Haunted Island? My chances for a get-a-way there would be limited so that’s out. And don’t even think about the Bloody Antler Trail for that is where hunters want us to be found.

I think this year that I’ll go deep into the forest and well off the beaten pathway. Hey! I’ve got it! The Big Bass Lake store because NOBODY goes there anymore! I wonder why?

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