Day is Done in Ludington

The Ludington Lighthouse is giving us an “all green” for this sunset.  Sometimes I can observe a sunset that cuts to the very essence of my heart and this is one of those times.  Just as Ludington High School’s colors are orange and black, here those very same colors permeate the scene with he exception of that lone green light.

It’s almost as if the lighthouse is giving its sanction to this particular sunset.  I can also feel the warmness  of that orange light on the very dark waters of Lake Michigan making them seem somewhat bearable.  I can almost see myself walking that breakwater with dignity this night.  What a joy it would be to bask myself in that bright orange glow.

Even my title for this article is a rhymer and sounds just right for this piece.  Day is done, gone the sun, only to return on the morrow.  All is well!

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