Trails Within Our Forest

There are many trails within our property but this one is unique as it runs along the swamp that is behind our wooded beachfront. It’s located right off Noreika Road and the old logging trail. It takes a right turn and follows along trees on one side and swamp on the other nearly all the way to Matson Road. At first the trail has forest on both sides, as you find here, but very soon the trees on the right give way to swampland.

Just before Matson Road there is a small pond or swamp, if you will, on the left. That area almost looks like the Florida Everglades as it appears mysterious and somewhat forboding. I like this trail for jogging as it gets me out on Matson Road where I can hike back North to another path that leads back into our property fairly close to a stream.

Eventually that pathway leads back to the old logging trail and then back onto Noreika Road. Its good to have a trail system within one’s property and this was largely established during my days with boys club trips where all these trails were used often.

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