Tubing Horseplay Dangerous

While tubing can be great fun, a note of caution here. Youngsters should get comfortable in a set position for the entire ride. Moving about behind a moving speedboat is not wise. Does the term, “Upsetting the Apple Cart” apply?  The young boy above appears to look as if he is ready to almost stand up and that is a disaster in the making.

Already on Big Bass Lake and Beyond,  I have provided tubing examples where the rubber raft literally takes off upward at the slightest move while dumping its occupants in the lake.  To some, that might be part of the fun but it is also dangerous as one never knows how one will land in the water.  Granted, that is why life jackets are worn.  To protect and preserve the innocent!  But, hey, let’s be careful out there!

Enjoy the ride and stay safe!  For THAT is the whole duty of boys and girls.

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