Manistee National Forest Campgrounds


One thing I like about driving down sandy roads in the Manistee National Forest and that is that you never just know when you’ll find a suitable campground to pull over in to have lunch. Darlene and I love to explore this forest. We do take a map and explore large portions of this forest nearly every weekend in the summer and early fall.

We start out each morning at about nine o’clock and pick out a section of the forest we’d like to explore. Even if the campground is not exactly an established one, if it appears somewhat decent enough I pull over and stop and out comes the lunch basket band a couple of deck chairs and folding table. Darlene is even astute enough to bring a table cloth.

After lunch we take a short hike in the immediate area and then return back to the car for the return trip home. There are just plain miles and miles of roads such as this one to explore just in our area. Our drives take us into either Mason, Lake, or Manistee County although the latter we reserve only for the summer months.

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