Looking Toward the Public Landing on Big Bass Lake

This used to be the view that many of my boys club kids had from our wooded beachfront looking toward the Public Landing on the opposite side of the lake. About where you notice the covered wagon float on the right side of this photograph, taken by Mike Elsner, was our property which ran all the way to the landing on the southwest corner of the lake.

Memorial Day weekend will see the Big Bass Lake Public Landing do a brisk business as all the big boats will make their return to the lake.  Cars will be lined up throughout the landing ready to get their boats into the water.

As well, the wooded beachfront was also our family land and well beyond that. I used to love to row this section of the lake to our pier which was about a hundred yards further than where that covered wagon is located.

How things have changed though over the years as this lakefront property now has large homes on it all the way to the public landing. Where before stood large sections of trees or an open field has now been filled in with homes galore.

Yet after Labor Day things seem to settle down at Big Bass Lake where rowboats again to take dominance over that of speed boats on the lake. Not that far away now!

2 thoughts on “Looking Toward the Public Landing on Big Bass Lake

  1. Thank you for your comment. We have posta scheduled through the end of January 2011 with more coming by the hour. In January you might be interested in three days devoted to the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake.


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