Docking at the Haunted Island

Docking at midnight was always a challenge at the Haunted Island, especially so with a boatload of nervous kids making their first journey there. We always docked on the western shore of the island and about mid island. Here you can observe the central and southern shoreline on the west side of the island. Our docking point was just past the central location you can observe here.

The dock itself was rickety to say the least as it must have been 50 years old.  I took this picture of the dock in the 1970’s.  On this trip, the Hoffman Estates Boys Club was about to see what they all had been hoping to see. Although now that the time was really here they weren’t as anxious as before. There’s something about seeing this island safe from shore as opposed to actually being there.

We docked and climbed the small hill that led to the one person pathway. It is a short walk to the haunted house which is surrounded by pine trees in an opening in almost the mid central part of the island. And there it stood, a two-floor old house with no windows, only empty window frames.

The boys slowly and cautiously walked once around the house and then a story was told about the legend of that old house, which is found elsewhere under the category Haunted Island on the sidebar. Just as I was into mid story the wind picked up which startled the boys. Two of them nudged closer to me and then an ear jarring bolt of thunder broke loose and they all hugged the ground.

We then proceeded back to our wooded beachfront making sure that lightning was NOT in the area before we started back. All in all it was a great trip to the Haunted Island and my thanks to Mike Elsner for this great photograph of the island itself.

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