The “In House” of Four Winds Island

Among the several cottages on Four Winds Island one in particular was vital and that was the “outhouse”. There had to be one, you know, or else kids would have to paddle to the mainland camp to “go”. But, as to “where” it was located on the island, I’m not sure so maybe some of those that used this very “In House” can let us know where it was placed on that island.

I still have to believe that the current owner of the island uses that facility as well. I doubt if any of the regular cabins had indoor facilities. Also, where did kids wash up? Was it in the lake or were there some sort of sinks set up outdoors where kids could wash up and brush their teeth?

One thought on “The “In House” of Four Winds Island

  1. I have to clarify on this one. That cabin was originally the shower room, inside there are still the 2 original shower heads from when it was owned by the camp. It is used as a storage shed now. As to where the kids would wash up is unknown to me. Since our purchase of the island we have installed sinks and bathroom facilities inside the cabins.


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