It’s not widely known but rumor has it that many fish in Lake Michigan have fallen dorsal over fin at the new look ferry boats heading out of Ludington, Michigan. Apparently cupid has shot his arrows at the pan fry occupants of the vast lake. As a human goes, how do you find the appearance of these ferry boats?

No, the dippy hippy of Mississippi was not the inspiration for this new form of artwork. In fact, I’m not even sure who the artist or artists are but one thing I do know is that you can now see those ferry boats coming from quite a way out! They don’t have to sound their horns very loud anymore because their horns aren’t all that loud anymore considering all things.

I wonder if this new design is just for the Badger or if the Spartan is decked out this way too? I must say that this new design does make our ferry boats stand out. I just hope that the bigger fish of Lake Michigan don’t take them home to meet their mamma’s before returning to port!?