The Hike to Bong From ULBC Camp

Our Tent City boys from Union League Camp began a long five-mile hike to Bong, a former air force base that never really opened with great anticipation of finding old shell casings. Our resident military expert, Gordie, was extremely excited about this hike. Bob Reiser, though, had shared with us the science fiction tale of this place.

Bong was extremely high with paranormal activity, as is most areas where you find underground tunnel systems and ancient mound works. Spectral lights were supposedly witnessed in the woods northeast of the dog trail area. Many have witnessed UFO sightings in this area.

The most dangerous section is the fully intact but sealed underground tunnels.  Sealed is right as we never located even one.  Bob had heard many stories of paranormal activity here such as manifestations of spirits, strange mists, unidentifiable noises and strange lights. But we found nothing of this sort of thing although our hike was during daytime hours.

It was our first and last hike to Bon that summer. The only “spirits” we felt at Bong were the kids broken one’s at finding absolutely nothing at this locale.

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