Hiking Backwoods Roads

Hiking backwood trails was great fun as they were wide enough to nearly get all our kids in one line.  They were fun to explore especially at night when any ongoing traffic would have lights to them so they would be easy to spot.  These types of roads were found in abundance within the Manistee National Forest and you didn’t have to look too far to find one.  They were found nearly every mile within a ten ile radius of Big Bass Lake. 

The Hoffman Estates Boys Club kids stayed on just one such road when we rented a cabin in the spring.  It had a very small kitchen, a large living room, modest bathroom, and large bedroom with several bunkbeds.  Just under the bedroom was an outside bar-be-que area right next to the Little Manistee River.  The cabin itself was just above the river and the road outside weaved in and around the area with few houses along its course.

That sandy road itself went in many different directions within a mile of our cabin providing us with many hours of hiking.  Some of the boys tried their hand at fishing the Little Manistee River but were often driven from it by hordes of mosquitoes.  Chris enjoyed fishing the most and would spend hours at it despite the pesky insects.  Alan, on te other hand, often stayed indoors fearing large animals especially after we encountered a wolf looking into our window one afternoon.   There is more to that story on another post here at BBL and Beyond

Our cabin experience was a unique one in all our trips hat we had to the greaer Big Bass Lake area.  At least our nights were comfortable with real beds!

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