Receeding Beaches on Lake Michigan

My husband, Mike, just loves to run along the shores of Lake Michigan nearly anytime during the year and he rarely observes what I do.  He misses the fact that this year there seems to be less and less beach.  Now that hasn’t been the case in recent years when, in some cases, some piers were left altogether out of the water.  This year, however, with all he snow we had during the winter and the abundant rainfall this spring and summer, well, the lake has gone up again.

Just examine how close to the end of this staircase the lake is compared with how much beach is available.  Not much!  You’re almost immediately in Lake Michigan and even Mike should notice how narrow his running track has been this summer.  I, on the other hand,  prefer sunning to swimming and I do notice how short the beaches have become.  In years past, I had to walk quite a distance to get wet but now its just a few feet!

Yet next year there might be more beachfront than this year so I suppose it’s just a matter of how different each year becomes.  Still, while I sun myself I do enjoy the rolling surf of Lake Michigan and the wonderful sounds it brings with it.  Makes me want to nod off.

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