A Lake Michigan Meadow

Meadows, such as the one you see here, are great for picnics and on this day, Mike and I took Mike’s Big Brother/Little Brother on an outing to Lake Michigan. I had packed a cold lunch consisting of ham salad, potato salad, and a bean salad with cold lemonade to wash it all down and we ate all this in the middle of this meadow. What I like about this meadow is that, while you can hear Lake Michigan, you can’t really see it as there is a strand of forest between the meadow and the lake.

Mike and his Little Brother. Brian, tossed a Frisbee about and then I joined in with them after putting all the leftovers back in my picnic basket. That period of exercise helped settle all our lunch. Since we were all decked out in our swimming suits already, we moved through the forest to Lake Michigan for a time of sun and swimming, While Mike and Brian swam I did some sun bathing. They picked up where they left off in the meadow with that Frisbee as they enjoyed passing it around in the lake. The waves were somewhat choppy as there was a pretty good wind coming off the lake.

Fortunately for me, there was a goodly portion of sun coming down and the temperature was in the low 80’s. After about an hour in the water, the guys came up to me and doused me with a Frisbee full of water. I jumped up and screamed at them in jest. Well, somewhat in jest!

We then took a brief hike in the forest before calling it a day. Yet, for me, that meadow was just perfect to start the day off with. And, you’ve got to admit that it is a beautiful scene!

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