Rustic Sauble Lakes

I love to fish the Sauble Lake chain of five lakes each connected to by an adjourning channel. My favorite is #3 yet with each deeper channel into the chain, the lakes themselves get more primitive by way of fewer cabins dotting the shoreline. The same can’t be said of the major lake that being #1 which is also the largest of the five.

I enjoy fishing for perch as that is the tastiest fish in my opinion. I can never get my fill of perch on any lake. The rule in my house is that I catch them and then clean them and my wife cooks them. Truth to tell, Darlene won’t even bait my hook when she comes alnng for the ride. She merely enjoys the scenery but that scenery doesn’t include the end of my hook.

Someday I would like a cabin on Sauble #3 but for now my home is my favorite place to be just outside Scottville. In the future, who knows? Yet until that time comes, my fishing joy comes at Sauble Lake 3.

2 thoughts on “Rustic Sauble Lakes

  1. Thanks so much for posting these. As a child my grandparents had a cabin on the first Sauble Lake. There was a dock painted barn red with a flag pole and a sturdy boat with moter. Every August we would come up and I would fish off that dock and out in the boat with my Dad. I remember some years hitting a jackpot of blue gill and pulling in like 45 fish in an hour! We caught bass and perch and my mom would fry them that night for dinner. There was never a better tasting fish.

    I always loved going on the channels between the lakes and the third lake was quite interesting because it was very shallow and you can see the bottom from nearly everywhere in that lake. Lots of palnt life on the bottom but few fish. Second and fourth lakees were so much bigger- fourth was so big it seemed like we were going to Canada on the north end and the thick forest that grew close to the shore line added to the mystery of the north end. We always stopped at the little store to get candy and red worms.

    The old place was sold about 15 years ago but I think of it now and again.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Jill Leonard
    Takoma Park, Md


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