Hiking the Outskirts of Noreika Forest

Now and then, for a little variety, some of our hikes took place on Big Bass Lake Road following our property line. A Marion YMCA trip had our boys begin our hike at our driveway and we proceeded west for about twenty yards before turning north on Big Bass Lake Road. For about a half-mile, we followed our farming field that took us to Noreika Road. That part of our hike brought us into direct contact with the hot sun overhead and was the most tiring part of our hike.

Mark Aldefer had to rest a few times along the way as the temperature was in the high 80’s that day with humidity. After we passed Noreika Road we had the shade of our forest the remainder of the way. As we passed our gravel pit, a few of the boys ambled down into it. Jay Smith thought it was neat although no great thing whatever that meant.

Just past the gravel pit Big Bass Lake goes downhill and around a curve. Just before that curve is another one of our swamps. Then it was a straight shot to Matson Road which we followed back to Big Bass Lake. For a time it hugs the actual lake with only a few feet separating the two.

Then we passed by a cottage directly behind our campsite. I’ve never seen anyone occupy that cottage ever. So the kids had a great hike on the outskirts of our property and readied themselves for a refreshing swim in Big Bass Lake.

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