Another Large Home on Big Bass Lake

Our former property on Big Bass Lake is sporting large homes such as this one along our former shoreline. Even on the Matson properties, along the southwest part of the lake, large homes have taken over. For those that can afford it, I suppose larger homes are the order of the day. Yet, at the same time, many of those same large homes are now up for sale. I often wonder how much damage the harsh winters do to these large homes?

This home looks quite nice and fits in with the surrounding forest very well. I think it is located close to where our old two room gray cottage was and not far from the hired hands small cottage. That place had a large gapping floor in the middle of that structure the last time I saw it in 1990. With all the changes coming to Big Bass Lake, I wonder when the Big Island will gain a two lane bridge to it?

Do you prefer the new large homes around the lake or the smaller one floor cottages? Let us know by way of a coment.

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