This wave explosion was recorded in Grand Haven, Michigan, and what a wave it was! Just look at how far and wide the spray of that explosive wave took. Mike, Darlene, and I are looking far and wide up and down the coast of Michigan to bring you the best possible of waves such as this one. You’d have to admit that so far the three of us have provided you with some pretty impressive photographs with many more to come!

The churning waters of Lake Michigan are propelled by gale winds from the west and they literally explode year round in displays much like this one.  To date, I think this to be the best one as it covered a great deal of territory.  Can you imagine walking up those stairs to this lighthouse at this exact precise time?  Bath time would be over for at least a week!  The fury of Lake Michigan is poured out in all of our photographs and I can’t wait to see what comes up next.