Property on Big Bass Lake Getting Scarce

Yes, property on Big Bass Lake is getting scarce to come by. Our lakefront property on our former land is just about gone with the exception of this tract of land. Our forest land is still largely unsold.

I think another area of land available on the lake is on the northeast side. Some land around the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake is still unsold. But choice lots are hard to come by. At the same time, some homeowners even on our former property are already selling their homes for whatever reasons. Perhaps drinking water is hard to come by?

I wonder how many year round residents are on Big Bass Lake as opposed to those who head south for the winter months? Leave us a comment if you know the answer to that question.

3 thoughts on “Property on Big Bass Lake Getting Scarce

  1. Still lots of empty lots around the lake some have sales sings.
    Water is not hard to find but Taxes have quadrupled since the 80’s.
    As far as year round residents that number is still pretty low I think 1-20 maybe.


  2. Homes are being listed more because the economy is really bad in the area. People are losing their jobs and they don’t have the disposable income the once had to maintain two homes.
    I have driven around the lake a few times during the winter on our snowmobile. From the looks of things I would say about 20 percent of the homes on the lake actually have people living in them all year. The other 80 percent area used as cottages and of those cottages half are used at various times during the winter. Lots to do in the area during the winter too.


  3. Thanks for the info Mike. Have been moving for past 24 hours to new locale so a tad late in getting your oomment published.


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