Just behind our wooded beachfront on our property was a quagmire swamp. It was quite close in proximity to our second campfire pit. It ran all along the backside of our camping area and was one of the primary reasons we each year had a fern smoke fire to rid that area of mosquitoes.

Some of the kids were real curious about that swamp. Quagmire takes a person down slowly. Unlike quicksand, which one can actually swim in, the same does not hold true for quagmire as the consistency is too thick. Keith, in particular, was real dubious about it. He once asked if he could wade in but I told him what if he got in and started to sink? He said throw me a rope and I said what if the rope broke? That was the end of that conversation.

Another time on a YMCA trip to our property, another supervisor was not watching the kids too closely on a hike as they were scattered about and one boy actually stepped nto a quagmire swamp. It was a small area and he was pulled out, but the suction took his shoes and socks, plus his pants. He was coated with thick black mud. By the way, the only thing that really works taking the aroma off is to wash with tomato juice.

We had several quagmire swamps on our property and the boys were warned about them. Our errie photograph above is the impression I wanted to leave on the boys about the dangers of those quagmire swamps.