Noreika Gravel Pit Today

My thanks to Kent for taking this photograph of how our gravel pit looks today. It’s not quite so scary as when I was a youngster. On another post here I tell of an incident with a spider that was as large as a rock. For a long time, as a young boy, I would not frequent this location at all. It is just north of Noreika Road on the right side of the road.

In the 1970’s several Boys Clubs of America kids searched this gravel pit from all sides.  We once approached it from the western side and a rather steep hill was before us.  It may once have been in active use but not since I’ve been alive.  And, I’ve never asked my grandparents or aunts about it.  Maybe when I was younger that spider had more impact on me than at first thought?

Today it looks rather peaceful.  In fact, there seems to be little evidence of any gravel yet in it.  In appearance it just looks like a large hole in the ground.  Maybe it’s better that way!

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