The Benish Ladies- Julie, Chrissy, and Becky

This is a picture of Julie and her mother. More on her mother in a moment. The Benish girls from Manistee, Michigan, were Julie, Christy, and Becky. I knew Julie when I was a young boy and she came over to our farm and wanted to explore our caretaker’s cottage which was behind our two-bedroom gray cottage. Julie and her parents also had the four Norris children over to their Sauble Lake summer cottage for a swim. In the 1980’s I offered to take Julie’s son on a hike down the Bloody Antler Trail and then on a tour of Big Bass Lake with our motorboat.

I met Christy once with Becky at Helen Herrmann’s trailer next to the Benish farm. We talked almost to midnight on just about everything. I recall Christy telling me that she wanted one day to become a model. Now she operates a wedding farm north of Manistee. I will be doing a report on that later this month.

The last I heard, Becky Benish was still living in Manistee. All three Benish girls were flawless beauties and that was no surprise to me since their mother was once Miss. Michigan. I also heard that, for a time, Julie and her husband became missionaries.

All three Benish girls enjoyed visiting Frank and Agnes Benish’s farm which was located right across the road from my grandparent’s property on Big Bass Lake.

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