Map Of Noreika Farm Outlined In Red

Big and Little Bass Lake

Our family farm extended from just west of the Public Landing all the way around on Big Bass Lake Road to Matson Road, on the North side of the Lake. It then was on the west side of Matson Road nearly to Big Bass Lake again. In all the farm was 256 acres. My Aunt Beth Norris even informed me that according to the original maps a small slice of Matson’s island was also considered part of our land on the norhtwest side of that island.

Cutting through the middle of our property was Noreika Road which still falls under that name yet today as a testimony to my grandmother who kept the original name Noreika when the rest of the family changed it to Norris in the 1940’s.

On the west side of Noreika Road was largely what was considered the farm with fields and a short strand of forest. On the east side of Noreika Road was the shoreline of Big Bass Lake, largely forested, including our beach. Between the beach and Big Bass Lake Road was all forest. That land continued all the way to Matson Road.

An old logging trail could take you right to Matson Road. The trail divided near the big swamp with one trail leading back to Big Bass Lake Road and the other heading in the direction of Matson Road.

One thought on “Map Of Noreika Farm Outlined In Red

  1. I remember the logging trail and the beach. Remember Haunted Island which really was scary. I wish I could go back up there some day and relive it all.


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